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By Sean Ross Sapp (@SeanRossSapp)

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More news coming out of the WWE as it pertains to CM Punk/WWE, and the situation doesn’t look very promising.

WWE’s twitter account unfollowed Punk on Twitter Wednesday, and it seems as if the WWE-Punk relationship is very close to breaking down.

It appears as if CM Punk’s frustration didn’t necessarily come from his position on the card, but the decision to have Dave Batista win the Royal Rumble, and main event Wrestlemania. While Punk and Batista are friends, TMZ Sports reported that Punk was livid over the decision for Batista to claim the top spot, while it doesn’t seem that Batista is in prime ring condition

TMZ Sports were also told that Punk believes he earned his spot to be in the main event at Wrestlemania due to his extensive work on live event and overseas since his debut in 2006. It’s also worth noting that one of CM Punk’s last goals in wrestling was to close the show at WrestleMania.

This situation is being compared to that of Steve Austin leaving the WWE in 2002, due to a disagreement with creative. However there are many contrasts to the two situations. CM Punk had been frustrated with his spot for months, whereas Austin didn’t like the direction of one show, and decided to head home.

Richard Gray of WrestlingNewsWorld went directly to Vince McMahon in order to be assured he’d be placed in a top match at WrestleMania. Vince McMahon had originally suggested CM Punk vs. Triple H for WrestleMania, but the possibility of Punk taking on Kane wasn’t out of the question. Punk apparently didn’t like the answer he was given, and opted to go home to Chicago instead. It appears Vince McMahon still wants CM Punk on the WrestleMania 30 lineup.

Gray also noted that AJ Lee, girlfriend of Punk and current WWE Divas champion, is the online line of communication between Punk and Bryan as of now.

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